Weekend Activities

Even though the RIKEN aspect of Exeter’s RIKEN program only exists during the week, our first (and only) weekend of the program was far from boring. Saturday morning started out with a Harkness demonstration at Gakugeidai High School, which my host sister happens to attend. Since she was going to participate in the Harkness class as […]

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The Wonders of the RIKEN Campus

As we found out today, there is so much more to RIKEN than just its particle accelerator. RIKEN actually stands for RIkagaku KENkyūsho, Japan’s largest research organization (and almost entirely state funded). RIKEN conducts groundbreaking research in nearly every field. At the Wako campus, state of the art laboratories and equipment allow Japan’s top scientists to […]

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Today, Jeffrey, Mr. Blackwell, Dr. Kishida, and I went sightseeing around Tokyo! Even though this program is physics-centered, I’ve done surprisingly little physics so far – which leaves me both super excited and super nervous for next week. I really appreciate Dr. Kishida taking so much time out of his busy life at RIKEN to […]

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