First Day

After touching down in Narita Airport (NRT), the first thing I noticed was the sweltering heat. Going from a cold, dry airplane into Tokyo’s hot and humid summer shocked me into the reality that I was at the moment alone in a foreign country. Filled with the softly purring engines of hybrid busses, the chatter and shuffling of tired passengers, as well as broken strings of soft-spoken Japanese, Tokyo presented me with a new culture and atmosphere.

At first, I felt stranded. My T Mobile service did not work, so I had no way to contact family or the people I was supposed to meet. I couldn’t converse well with anybody, for I knew exactly two Japanese words: konichiwa and sayonara. And even the vending machines displayed no recognizable brands.

A vending machine in Tokyo.
A vending machine in Tokyo.

But when I thought about my situation again, I realized that I wasn’t screwed; I would, in the next few weeks, have an adventure that I will never forget.

On the Express Bus into downtown Tokyo, I was able to snag the following two photos of Tokyo’s skyline. The beauty of the scene is only amplified by the sun setting in the west.

Tokyo's skyline as seen from an express bus.
Tokyo’s skyline as seen from an express bus.
Another view of Tokyo's skyline.
Another view of Tokyo’s skyline.

Tokyo is a beautiful place, and I feel so excited to be here. To two weeks of fun and learning!

~Jeffrey Qiao,


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